Covid-19 Self-Check

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Mandatory Online Health Self-Check (For Those Who Are Coming to Campus)
  • This questionnaire is based on Symptoms of Covid -19 from this link
  • Effective September 1, all members of the community must perform a health self-check and answer a 30-second questionnaire on each day they plan to come to campus (New Cairo and Tahrir).
  • You will not be admitted from the gate unless you present the results of the self-check to the security at the gates. The result of this self-check will either be a green face (Safe to come to campus) or a red face (not come to campus).
  • You will need to show the result dated the same day and performed within 2 to 3 hours prior to arrival to campus to security before the turnstiles at the pedestrian gates.
  • If the result of the survey produces a red face, the clinic will call you back to go over your case with you and give you medical advice as needed. The result may be a quarantine period and/or a request for a PCR test.
  • Please begin the health self-check by inserting your AUC credentials above.